Just goes to show, it’s better to avoid preconceptions.

I had a wonderful, and rather “didn’t expect that” moment this morning.

Because I had to wait in for a plumber to come and fix a pipe.

Oh God I felt, here we go again.

A stranger in the house. Inane small talk. Wasting my day.

But when he turned up, he was the nicest guy I could expect to meet.

And he didn’t look like Mario, lol 

We ended up chatting about websites and converting traffic while he banged away at my pipes.

He has a website, he said, but it just sorta “sits there”.

And boy, did he give me some incredible insights into how he operates as a small business owner.

In particular, how he struggles to make his website do anything other than collect virtual dust.

So we nattered on about target audiences, and chatted over a hot cuppa about how to find traffic and convert it.

You really can learn from everybody you meet. I truly believe that.

So my pipe is sorted.

And I’ve learned how difficult it is to run a plumbing business when everybody calls you Mario.

And I also now know what a Ball Check Valve is, lol!

Have you ever come across a situation like that, when you’ve learnt stuff from an unexpected source?

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