God, I wish I had used a system for this!

So I’ve got to fly to a small town called Bourg-St-Maurice next week, and flights going to Grenoble were priced at £13.99! Return!

Bloody hell.

Book’em Dano.

Got flights, nice, now I need to get to BSM from Grenoble.

Land at 10pm, so out by 10.30pm.

Fuck – no trains, no buses and all car hire shut. Private helicopter not an option.


The point of this rant? How does it relate to what we do?

I should have had a system. It would have gone something like this.

1) Flights? Check.
2) Transport? Fail.

Stop right there, don’t book the flights, consider plan B. Before booking!


Got a predictable job you do in business?

Write it out. It’s ready for your intern, or whoever, point and click. Dummies guide.

PS. I found a car hire at Grenoble station. It’ll be shut, but apparently that’s okay. Hmm… Just need to get there from the station and pray to all that’s holy that it works out!

PPS. If you’ve ever had to sleep on the streets in Grenoble, and know a safe place to stay, that might prove helpful.

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