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Don’t forget your thank you page.

Chances are someone has just bought from you. They feel warm and fuzzy. They like you. Glad they got the bargain-of-the-century. So give them another call to action! Strike while the iron is super hot! See the image for a great second CTA  Check your click funnels - do you have a second call to action?
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Best Performing Email Subject Lines…

Here's a goody, just to get you going, used by Obama in his pre-election campaign and got the most opens. Hey That was it! So here are some more that really performed super dooper... Kind of weird, but VERY profitable Dude. Ok now this is... 5618411832 (93s) - This is an actual subject line used by someone and it got a very nice open rate [First Name], just give up... [First Name], please accept my apology [First Name], did you get my Free Gift? I need your help My Blatant Bribe 99% of you haven't seen this One Word... CRAZY! Happy Birthday [First Name] - Surprise Inside! *Don't Open This Email* What Can You Afford? As You Wish Not Cool, Guys ! Should I stay or should I go? " " - The blank subject line. Opened 8% more often than emails with subject lines as claimed by Hubspot on…
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Do you use exit intent popups?

They’re those popups that magically appear when you go and try to type in a new web address, or move your mouse off the website. Why do they exist? Because they work. Exit popups are an easy and affordable way to capitalise on your pre-existing website traffic. This is especially effective for ecommerce companies. Make an offer of a demo, an extra bonus, a signup, anything - why not?
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Why what you do in business is not how you make money.

You make things or do things, but this is not your core business. Your core business is marketing. You are a marketing business. Don’t think anything else. You can have the best products in the UNIVERSE, but if you have no customers you will go tits-up. Pretty bloody obvious really. You must sell your products. So you have to market. If you don’t market, you will not get customers. Don’t go tits up.
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