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Video on websites: Is it really all that?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (whoever “they” are). But what about video? And isn’t that going to cost a bloody fortune? Well, maybe not. Read on… (more…)
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Is this the best way to grow traffic like crazy?

Sorry to disappoint you (briefly, I hope!). Because you can’t answer that question, without first answering these 3 simple questions... The same three questions I ask everyone, every time I get asked about how to grow traffic and sales (how to make money online, in other words). So play along! :) You should find this useful too… What do you sell that I would want? Why would I buy from YOU? How can you convince me? P.S. (can I put a P.S. in the middle of an article? Well I just did!) This was going to be a short post, but I just kept writing, as I felt the full story was worth sharing. I beg of you, bear with me, as it’s now far longer than I thought it was going to be! It also explains the relationship between beer and Marvel toys. End of P.S. and back to…
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Just goes to show, it’s better to avoid preconceptions.

I had a wonderful, and rather “didn’t expect that” moment this morning. Because I had to wait in for a plumber to come and fix a pipe. Oh God I felt, here we go again. A stranger in the house. Inane small talk. Wasting my day. But when he turned up, he was the nicest guy I could expect to meet. And he didn’t look like Mario, lol  We ended up chatting about websites and converting traffic while he banged away at my pipes. He has a website, he said, but it just sorta “sits there”. And boy, did he give me some incredible insights into how he operates as a small business owner. In particular, how he struggles to make his website do anything other than collect virtual dust. So we nattered on about target audiences, and chatted over a hot cuppa about how to find traffic and convert…
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God, I wish I had used a system for this!

So I’ve got to fly to a small town called Bourg-St-Maurice next week, and flights going to Grenoble were priced at £13.99! Return! Bloody hell. Book’em Dano. Got flights, nice, now I need to get to BSM from Grenoble. Land at 10pm, so out by 10.30pm. Fuck - no trains, no buses and all car hire shut. Private helicopter not an option. Oops! The point of this rant? How does it relate to what we do? I should have had a system. It would have gone something like this. 1) Flights? Check. 2) Transport? Fail. Stop right there, don’t book the flights, consider plan B. Before booking! Gah. Got a predictable job you do in business? Write it out. It’s ready for your intern, or whoever, point and click. Dummies guide. PS. I found a car hire at Grenoble station. It’ll be shut, but apparently that’s okay. Hmm... Just need…
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