Is this the best way to grow traffic like crazy?

Sorry to disappoint you (briefly, I hope!).

Because you can’t answer that question, without first answering these 3 simple questions…

The same three questions I ask everyone, every time I get asked about how to grow traffic and sales (how to make money online, in other words).

So play along! 🙂

You should find this useful too…

  1. What do you sell that I would want?
  2. Why would I buy from YOU?
  3. How can you convince me?

P.S. (can I put a P.S. in the middle of an article? Well I just did!) This was going to be a short post, but I just kept writing, as I felt the full story was worth sharing.

I beg of you, bear with me, as it’s now far longer than I thought it was going to be!

It also explains the relationship between beer and Marvel toys. End of P.S. and back to what I was typing…

Why these 3 questions?

Because these three simple questions will set you up, to grow traffic and sell.

I’ll walk you through a real example (permission has been granted/beer was involved).

And whatever business you are in, it will work for you.

So… I bumped into someone in “my local” (is that a UK term?) who loves making “memes”, and wants to make money doing it. He is called Simon as well, not that it matters, just a co-incidence.

Even if you didn’t know what “memes” are, you will have seen them.

They are (takes breath…), a recognisable image, taken out of context – with a funny and relevant two-part conversation to evoke an emotional response, usually laughter.

Phew. Re-read that last sentence again if need be, lol!

The featured image is a meme.

Meme’s are awesome…

And yes, I know there are various other formats, but give me a little wiggle room to keep things simple, okay? Don’t be a smart arse….

Well, back in the pub. We had an on-the-spur-of-the-moment “mastermind” session right there, to start looking at how he can start making money, by making memes.

I love doing these sessions, especially the “Bloody hell, I get it!!!!” moment. It’s in the eyes….

And this one was particularly nice. These are normally Skype sessions, but as we were already in a pub, we did it in real life. With a beer.


** Secret hint: avoid paying for consultancy, by buying me a beer… Marvel toys also work. **

So yeah, anyway, memes, bit of challenge…? Well, this is how it went.

I always start with the “Mastermind” session of the “3 Principles” system.

It’s the initial session that will work for anyone who wants to make money from what they do.

Briefly, this is how I can summarise the initial results with him (the other Simon):

1) What do you provide?

I make quality meme’s to promote business brands and products to their target audience.

2) Why would I buy from YOU?

Because your customers will engage with you, and through humour, as emotionally “tuned in”, they are more likely to buy from you. It’s been proven.

Ok, so that gives us what he will do (the “promise” = the first Principle, or first “P”).

But the problem is, the second question isn’t answered, why would I buy from him? And not make them myself, or use that funny guy I know, or any of the other people offering the same thing?

(His Position? The second principle, or second “P”)

And what is his final convincer? (His Pow? His third “P”)

In exchange for good old cash this time, instead of bar snacks (I would love to work for free, but the yacht won’t pay for itself) we moved on from the Mastermind session, and focused on working out his position.

It’s a hard, but absolutely bloody critical, thing to work out.

Why would I buy from him and not someone else?

So we dropped into one of the advanced sessions of the 3 Principles.

“Your Core Story.”

We talked about him, his life – his core story. Not his work or his business. But instead what he has done as a person, his successes and failures. How he got up again.

Your core story is where your hidden treasure lies.

In his core story, it turns out he spent time when working his way through college, wait for it… as an amateur stand-up comedian on cruise liners and bars in London (he is a funny guy).

Awesome. It makes sense now. It’s why he likes humour. And why we have our “why buy from him”.

Remember, people buy from people. Unless you’re buying viagra.

As an aside, at the end of the Mastermind + Core Story sessions, we had created a perfect introduction for everybody he meets, with the sole purpose of getting a lead. I’ll share it once I’ve finished my story, or it will spoil the flow…

Anyhoo, back to Simon (him, not me)…

He knows how to write a two-part joke, a conversation, a lead-in and punchline.

Because it’s this that makes the meme work. He knows how reader’s minds work, and why.

I am now buying from someone with experience, and with evidence through testimonials.

He is now worth spending money with, and I know why I will get value.

He is positioned away from the crowd.

You’ve probably heard me rattle on about Seth Godin’s Purple Cow… Ask me if not!

Be remarkable. Stand out like a purple cow.

So, finally to question 3.

3) How can you convince me?

Simon (him…) needs a “pow” factor, the convincer. This is the third principle, the third P.

So I asked him, “I get what you will do for me, and I see you have something other people don’t have. But what will make me hit the “Buy” button, and tell everybody about you?”

Tony Robbins, for example, the American lifestyle guru, ends his seminar by asking participants to walk on red-hot coals. What do people answer, when asked Monday morning what they did at the weekend? Do they say they saw a lifestyle coach? Nope, they say…

“I fucking walked on FIRE!”

POW! Now everyone will ask where, why, who with, and so on.

Again, from Simon’s life story, his core story, it turns out he worked in the food retail industry. It helped pay for college because stand-up comedians get shit pay, or even paid with just alcohol.

He knows this stuff.

He knows what is important to food businesses, and why people spend money on food (I’ve learnt it’s not just to feed themselves, go figure!).

And now he has a niche. Something he can nail, an industry to focus on. Once nailed, he can grow.

I call it the “Miss World” mission.

They always say they want to solve world peace (or something similarly grand).

But you can’t solve world peace. However, you can start with something specific.

Simon (him!) now has:

  1. A Promise (what he will do)
  2. A Position (why buy from him instead of everyone else)
  3. A Pow (the convincer)

“What ho! I’m Simon, I increase sales for people in the food industry. The methods I use worked when I was an under-paid but successful stand-up comedian, and they work now for the same reasons. I’ll share testimonials with you from other food businesses as proof, because I want to work for you, and increase your sales. I use humour as it’s the #1 way to convert customers.
“And I know the food industry – I focus on it. This makes what I do, and how I do it, unique.
“Can I create an example for you, with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like it?”

The purpose of this introduction is to get a lead. If I worked in the food industry, and I wanted more sales, I’d be hooked, and ask him what it is he does. Notice that he hasn’t mentioned meme’s (might create a barrier as jargon, not known by everybody).

But as soon as someone asks him what he does, his introduction has served its purpose. He has a lead that he can now sell to. He can explain how he engages, what memes are and so on.

His goal is now closing the deal.

To help him close the deal, he actually adds a second Pow, a guarantee. They work well – but that’s another topic for discussion.

Let’s go back to the original question! Growing traffic…

Now he knows his target audience, he can learn how to find out all about them, and find out where they hang out, and how he can get their attention.

Instagram will be probably be his primary channel, maybe LinkedIn, we’ll see. But we will confirm that in an advanced “Know Your Target Audience” session.

But it’s a good story, as it shows how we are applying our 3 Principles to grow traffic and sales.

I’m sorry, please forgive me! It’s why I bang on about our “3 Principles” system. It’s an incredibly simple, yet powerful way to understand what you do, why you do it, and how to make money from it.

And then it leads naturally into the advanced stuff, where the powerful magic lies in dedicated sessions that cover everything from “Knowing Your Target Audience” and “Core Story”, to “Lead Magnets”, “Click Funnels” and “Copy-writing To Convince”, to “Membership Sites” and “Cold Email”.

Still reading? Good on you!

Because here’s my question to you.

Do you have your “3 P’s” sorted out? What are they?

Post your “3 P’s” below, your promise, position and pow factor.

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