They say a picture is worth a thousand words (whoever “they” are). But what about video? And isn’t that going to cost a bloody fortune? Well, maybe not. Read on…

Sorry to disappoint you (briefly, I hope!). Because you can’t answer that question, without first answering these 3 simple questions… The same three questions I ask everyone, every time I get asked about how to grow traffic and sales (how to make money online, in other words). So play along! 🙂 You should find this […]

I had a wonderful, and rather “didn’t expect that” moment this morning. Because I had to wait in for a plumber to come and fix a pipe. Oh God I felt, here we go again. A stranger in the house. Inane small talk. Wasting my day. But when he turned up, he was the nicest […]

So I’ve got to fly to a small town called Bourg-St-Maurice next week, and flights going to Grenoble were priced at £13.99! Return! Bloody hell. Book’em Dano. Got flights, nice, now I need to get to BSM from Grenoble. Land at 10pm, so out by 10.30pm. Fuck – no trains, no buses and all car […]

Chances are someone has just bought from you. They feel warm and fuzzy. They like you. Glad they got the bargain-of-the-century. So give them another call to action! Strike while the iron is super hot! See the image for a great second CTA  Check your click funnels – do you have a second call to […]

Here’s a goody, just to get you going, used by Obama in his pre-election campaign and got the most opens. Hey That was it! So here are some more that really performed super dooper… Kind of weird, but VERY profitable Dude. Ok now this is… 5618411832 (93s) – This is an actual subject line used […]

They’re those popups that magically appear when you go and try to type in a new web address, or move your mouse off the website. Why do they exist? Because they work. Exit popups are an easy and affordable way to capitalise on your pre-existing website traffic. This is especially effective for ecommerce companies. Make […]

You make things or do things, but this is not your core business. Your core business is marketing. You are a marketing business. Don’t think anything else. You can have the best products in the UNIVERSE, but if you have no customers you will go tits-up. Pretty bloody obvious really. You must sell your products. […]